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Questions about the VASCO separation ?


As part of VASCO‚Äôs strategic plan to narrow it's focus to Mobile Banking security, VASCO and AXS GUARD have agreed to group the AXS GUARD product line and associated services in a stand-alone, and VASCO independent, company fully owned and lead by the original founder,  Alex Ongena.

The actual AXS GUARD team, responsible for developing, manufacturing and supporting the AXS GUARD product line, will join the company, Able NV, located in Mechelen (Belgium).

Dan Verbruggen who managed the AXS GUARD sales activities, in various roles, between 2002 and 2014, joins the team again and will take care of sales & marketing. 

Operations, production and support teams will be lead by Danny Nuydens.

The VASCO management and the Able nv management, jointly emphasise that the current & new customers, partners and AXS GUARD employees will benefit from this decision as a wholly dedicated focus is a guarantee for future success.